Planning your wedding in Los Cabos can be as wonderful as overwhelming. There are too many factors to consider in a day as important and special for you. The hotel selection, the venues for the different parts of the celebration, the ceremony flowers, the dress, the menu for dinner, or the music can take over a year to be chosen. 

However, once you begin your walk down the aisle, all your worries must stay behind, and trust blindly in your providers’ selection. When the moment arrives, you only have to worry about celebrating with your partner the happiest day of your life. 

Of course, we know that music is important to create a dreamy atmosphere at a wedding. The magic of the ceremony is possible thanks to the sensibility and expression of Cabo wedding musicians, who have the power and opportunity to stimulate and create your wedding soundtrack from the pre-ceremony to the last part of the party. 

All the songs are carefully selected for each part of the wedding by analyzing the rhythm and mood of your guests and deciding what is the best for your big day. In this way, you can create an atmosphere just as in movies, making time stop and the intensification of the music will fill every corner of the room. 

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During the process of song selection, it is highly probable that you will have doubts. Maybe, you are not sure that the song you want is the best for your wedding in Cabo, or you may not be sure about the meaning of the song, and the relationship it has with the part of the ceremony when it will be performed. 

However, the correct music instrument selection for every part of the wedding will make a difference and solve every doubt about how to liven up your wedding at all moments. When we think about the best song for the ceremony, we keep in mind the ambiance and a specific tone. Because a note played on a violin will sound different from the same note played on a trumpet. Let’s think about it. 

The assistance from professional wedding musicians with experience months before your wedding celebration can make a difference. Many times the problem is not the song but the instrumentation. Talk to the professionals and let them know your doubts, and above all, trust their recommendations and knowledge.

At CaboStrings, we are experienced in performing the ideal wedding songs to share your story as a couple. As violinists in Cabo, we are eager to help you make the most important day of your life epic, so you can trust our experience and the professionalism of our services. 

That’s why, in today’s article, we want to take you on a musical tour without precedents because we will figure out which musical instruments are the best to create the perfect environment for a wedding in Cabo San Lucas. Which will be the ideal instruments for your big day?

1.- Violin 

The violin is one of the most played musical instruments at weddings around the world. Since the XIX century, the violin has been used in performances in social events as matrimony ceremonies and the king’s court festivities as a symbol of wealth and power. The violinists mainly played classical music (or canonic music as they used to call it). This type of music was exclusive and understood only by the powerful and rich families of the time. 

However, the violin has been adapted to the current times. While it continues to have an essential role in classical music, nowadays, performing with a violin provides melodies of all kinds of music styles, giving them great virtuosity and expression. 

Its high-pitched and warm sound with great projection invites you to listen to slow and very expressive melodies. Additionally, its reduced size gives the instrument amazing unlimited capabilities for playing fast rhythms. Therefore, this fretted string instrument offers a broad versatility of music styles. 

Moreover, the violin has unlimited potential to adapt to the different parts of a wedding. The classic design of a wooden violin contrasts with the modern shape of an electric violin used in the most exclusive weddings in Los Cabos

The harmonic chords that the electric violin produces in the hands of Cabo wedding musicians like Elena Román, will make your special day unforgettable. Her Yamaha violin of woody tones will captivate all your guests during the ceremony and cocktail with expressive melodies, while her electric violin Aurora of white color with integrated LED lights will invite you to dance all night. 

Hereby, we can say that the violin is an instrument that can be part of every of the different wedding moments no matter the music style they need. 

The versatility as a solo instrument or as part of a musical group is wide, being a key element in every formation and assuming the main or secondary role according to the circumstances.

This is how it can sound in direct, Elena Román, the best violinist in Cabo San Lucas. 

Music styles: Varied

Wedding moments: Pre-ceremony, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, party.

Versatility with other instruments: Excellent 

Are you interested in an elegant wedding that transmits distinction and beauty? Or perhaps you might want your ceremony to feel like a ray of sun: warm and comfortable. Let the violin perform your favorite songs as Shallow by Lady Gaga and build a moving experience that transmits the exact emotions that you feel when joining in marriage with the person you love.

2.- Cello

The register and timbre of the cello are the most similar to the human voice. This classic instrument, as well as the violin, has not aged. Cello has been considered for centuries a low accompaniment instrument in a classical orchestra. Also, the technique has been developed and improved so its potential has increased over the years, offering an instrument rich in expression and virtuosity. 

How would it be to walk down the aisle with the richness of a cello low register? We can call an entrance like this epic in every sense of the word. 

The timbre of the cello and its harmonic notes will fill your ceremony with emotion and sensibility without precedents. In addition, it is one of the few melodic (not harmonic as the guitar or piano) that may not need another instrument or track as accompaniment.  

If you are familiarized with cello music for weddings, we are sure you know the well-known arpeggios that begin the prelude of the First Suite for solo cello by JS Bach.

Pop ballads by Adele or Ed Sheeran for the bride’s entrance, hip hop songs like Drake’s for the groom’s entrance, or even Latin music like Bad Bunny for the newlyweds’ exit, all of these are ideal to be played with a cello in a wedding in Los Cabos.

With the music instrument selection, you engage your guest and prepare your heart to be the center of an even more magical scenario that the one you had thought of during the dances at the reception. 

That magic extends to a world full of possibilities because the cello, in hands of Roberto Miranda from CaboStrings, can not only perform solemn and classical wedding songs but can also be the precise impulse to create the festive atmosphere you desire for the newlywed entrance to the reception or the party. 

His two electrical cellos will make a difference in each one of your wedding moments. His white electric cello, Yamaha SVC 210, looks incredible in the ceremonies. In contrast, the black Aurora cello with incorporated LED lights will surprise all your guests at the party in an ensemble with the DJ. 

Here you can see what the cello is capable of transmitting at your wedding in Cabo San Lucas:

Music styles: Varied

Wedding moments: Pre-ceremony, ceremony, cocktail, reception, party.

Versatility with other instruments: Excellent

Just remember that just like you and your partner, there is nothing that is as destined to be as perfect as the CaboStrings violin and cello duo

While most of the time, the violin of Elena Román in Cabo will be the protagonist as the song’s melody, the cello of Roberto Miranda, with some accompaniments, will create an incredible and unmatched atmosphere. Together, they are capable of creating the perfect harmonies that will make you feel the music and enjoy your favorite soundtrack at your wedding in Cabo!

3.- Saxophone 

The saxophone is an instrument that achieved popularity in the 80s when improvisations and solos were common in pop music. This instrument of the bass wind family has unparalleled technique freedom which enables the artist to improvise over the established melodies and make their versions of the songs. 

The sound of the saxophone transports us to rooms with dim lights and creates proximity between the public and the stage. An intimate wedding with the people that you love the most could be the best way to enjoy the saxophone with that atmosphere in mind. If you and your partner are jazz lovers, there’s no better way to enliven your wedding evening than with the melodic swing of the saxophone

It is not common to see a saxophonist during a wedding ceremony in Cabo; the saxophone can be a good resource for a cocktail or a party. The hiring of several and continuous hours of a saxophone can tire your guests, which is why we recommend making the appearance of this instrument in your wedding sporadic. This will enrich the musical variety on your special day. 

Nevertheless, do not forget that music is a marvel that can be expressed in the most unexpected ways. If you are fascinated by the saxophone but not by jazz, or you wish for a bigger wedding, it is possible to create pieces with the genre according to the moment of your wedding in Los Cabos, for example, the party or the cocktail hour

Music style: Varied, it continued prevailing in 80’s pop music. 

Wedding moments: Cocktail, party. 

Versatility with other musical instruments: Good, although limited.

4.- Guitar

The guitar is one of the most versatile instruments for a wedding. Just by the variety of guitars that exist (acoustic, electric, Spanish, etc.), we can have an idea about the number of music styles we can enjoy at a wedding.

However, hiring a solo guitarist in Cabo San Lucas can be a double-edged sword, as each guitarist is specialized in a different music style. You cannot ask a flamenco guitarist to play Metallica, can you?

We recommend that you find out about their music style before hiring a guitarist for your wedding in Los Cabos.

A solo guitarist specializing in pop or classic music can be a good option for your ceremony in Cabo, while a flamenco guitarist can give the cocktail hour something unique and different.

Besides as a solo instrument, the use of the guitar as an accompaniment either for a voice or another instrument can sublimely embellish your big day. With the harmonies created by the guitar, it is possible to elevate the beautiful landscapes of Cabo San Lucas at your wedding. 

The chords and timbre of a guitar accompanying a solo voice can be very special if, for example, the lyrics of your ceremony song are meaningful for you and your partner.

Nonetheless, we must be careful when choosing the time of the performance of this particular formation (guitar and vocals) because, during a long time of interpretation, it can be repetitive or too similar to the original version of these songs (covers songs, for example). 

The sound range of the acoustic guitar during a ceremony can enhance the atmosphere if you choose a church or an enclosed space designed to favor the propagation of the music. The reaction of your guests to the sound of the guitar will be very close and familiar, and we are sure they will love it.  

Music style: Varied. 

Wedding moments: Ceremony (classic/pop), cocktail (flamenco/accompaniment). 

Versatility with other musical instruments: Good, although limited.

5.- Piano

Piano, like the guitar, is one of the instruments with more versatility in weddings. That means you can combine it and make it part of any music group you can imagine. A piano can stand on its own during a ceremony, but it improves when you combine it with vocals or another solo instrument. 

If you read our article about the top 10 trending songs for wedding ceremonies in Cabo San Lucas, you can recognize that most of the songs we proposed were accompanied by a piano. No one can imagine Someone like you by Adele or All of me by John Legend without the expressive ensemble of this instrument. 

Now that you know the importance that a piano can have in a wedding, we will name some of the principal inconveniences of this instrument:

1.- Size and transportation 

While a big piano looks spectacular in a closed room, it is hard to transport it to open places like the beach or elsewhere. In addition, the deterioration of its tuning during transport can degrade the experience. 

The most common thing when you hire a wedding pianist is that they carry an electric piano. The result is still excellent, but the image of itself in the ceremony is not comparable to that grand piano. 

2.- Substituting with a track for a solo instrument 

The piano (as long as it does not participate in a wedding as a solo instrument) participates as an accompaniment of another instrument that carries the main melody. Sometimes, the musician prefers to take a track in mp3 like the piano accompaniment, which conveys an economic saving for the client. 

Your heart will beat a mile per hour during a wedding in Cabo. There is no better way to combine this emotion than with the piano chords.

Experience the feeling of abundance and live the different colors this instrument can transmit. Enjoy the number of chords and melodies that a solo piano performs, but above all, stay calm about the number of music styles that a piano can provide along the course of the big event. 

During a wedding, we recommend a varied use of a piano in different music formations. This way, the instrument will not go unnoticed by most of your guests. 

Music style: Varied. 

Wedding moments: Ceremony (soloist classic/pop), cocktail (instrumental accompaniment for vocals or other instruments), and dinner (any of the above). Risk of going unnoticed after a certain period. 

Versatility with other musical instruments: Excellent.

6.- DJ

The music that surrounds us has changed over the years, and over time, the way of interpreting it as well. Just as a wedding party a hundred years ago is not the same as the weddings we’ve enjoyed over the last decade, the combinations of different musical instruments that participate in it are changing and going in and out of fashion.

Nowadays, it is possible, for example, to perform a song of electronic music with a violin or a cello and give a novel and festive touch to a wedding with a live accompaniment of a DJ

The wonderful thing about this alternative is the character and the exclusive and exceptional atmosphere you will have at your wedding in Cabo. This experience as a couple will allow you to create fun memories with your family and friends. This option is an interesting combination of songs performed by solo instruments and by the DJ

At CaboStrings, we energetically surprise the guests with the first song bringing everyone out to the dance floor and getting the party started. After a few songs, we step back to let the DJ and his songs take the center stage. This combination enriches the celebration and gives the moment extraordinary exclusivity. 

After some minutes, we again surprise everyone with the energy of the violin and cello, and we merge with people dancing on stage. Here you can watch a presentation of CaboStrings + DJ that will leave you speechless: 

Music styles: Varied, although it predominates dance music.

Wedding moments: Party. 

Versatility with other musical instruments: Limited with one or two soloists. 

As wedding musicians, we want you to dance until your feet fall off, walk down the aisle with a smile on your face, enjoy a beautiful evening accompanied by your loved ones, and make every one of the moments of your wedding in Los Cabos memorable accompanied by the best music. 

We hope this article helps you decide which instrument is the best option to animate your wedding. If you are looking for a string duet of a violin and cello, do not forget that in CaboStrings, we are thrilled to share with you the experience of building a list of melodies to make your big day an unforgettable event for you and your guests. 

If you have any doubts or want to make a quote with us, don’t forget to send us a message via our contact form or through our email Elena Rollán wedding violinist in Los Cabos, will be glad to help you.