Shae – Lynn & Deep were married in Acre Baja on a sunny Sunday, November 6, 2022. This young and adorable couple invited 120 adults and 11 children to witness their love and to accompany them on the happiest day of their lives. 

The groom contacted Los Cabos violinist Elena Rollán directly via email and it was she who instantly sent all the necessary information to hire the services of CaboStrings for this very special wedding in Acre, San José del Cabo.  

Everything was prepared for this special day except for an Ironman that was scheduled to occupy the Trans peninsular Highway (the road that connects Cabo San Lucas with San Jose del Cabo) for the entire day. 

This road is the most important way to travel between the two cities and cutting one lane for the celebration of this sporting event forced both suppliers of the event in Acre, as well as the guests (who were staying at the Hilton hotel), to take extreme precautions to arrive on time to Acre Resort, located in San Jose del Cabo.

At CaboStrings we take weddings very seriously, as we are aware that the smallest detail on the road can sacrifice the illusion of a couple that has been planning their big day for a long time. That is why we decided to leave three hours before the event just in case.

We finally arrived at Acre Resort, two hours before the celebration of the event, which allowed us to prepare this wedding with great care and record several music videos and a CaboStrings Pro Video Vlogs Experience to document this wedding which you can see below. 

Wedding decoration in Acre Resort

The semicircular shape of the chairs and the decoration of the altar surprised us a lot because of the magnificent proposal of “Warehouse rentals” and “Pina floral“. The team of wedding planners of the company “Fawn Events” led by Candace Hernandez handled the project in a sublime and very professional way.

Altar decoration in Acre Resort
Wedding decoration in Acre Resort

The guests arrived early to enjoy the pre-ceremony that we, as wedding musicians in Cabo had prepared for them, (well-planned after the celebration of the sporting event that collapsed the displacement in Los Cabos) while some took the opportunity to take pictures and digitize this memory for life.

Guests taking photos in the pre-ceremony

In this link we leave you the song Forget me by Lewis Capaldi in a cello version performed by Roberto Miranda, cellist of CaboStrings:

Musing at the ceremony

Girls like you by Maroon V was the song that the groom chose for his entrance to the altar, as well as for the entrance of the Bridal Party

The choice of only one song for the groom and the Bridal Party is a great success, since due to the experience we have as wedding musicians in Los Cabos, we believe that the groom’s entrance to the altar is very fast and does not give time for the song to be heard in its entirety and for the guests to enjoy its beautiful chords.

The bride selected the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran for her entrance to the altar while Roberto Miranda, cellist of CaboStrings played the beautiful melody of the first verse.

It is admirable how the singer Ed Sheeran is able to create such romantic melodies full of tenderness and passion so recommended as weddings songs in Los Cabos. Iconic songs such as Thinking Out Loud or the new song The Joker and the Queen are already part of the CaboStrings repertoire because of the great power that these songs have in weddings to fill with emotion all the hearts of the guests. 

Here is the video clip of CaboStrings’ song Perfect recorded a few years ago in the rocky and virgin beaches of Baja California Sur:

After the announcement as newlyweds and the introduction of the couple, CaboStrings performed the song The Ocean by Mike Perri to end this unforgettable wedding ceremony in Acre, San Jose del Cabo.

Wedding Ceremony in Acre Resort
Acre Resort host a wedding

Cocktail Hour in Acre Resort

The cocktail hour began immediately while the guests photographed the peacocks that were in the place. At Acre Resort they have a great love for animals and let them be part of the decor throughout the wedding. There is no altar or floral combination that can compare. 

Elena Rollán violinist in Cabo playing at a wedding

The Sunset started at approximately 5:40 pm while the music of CaboStrings invaded every corner of the space that Acre Baja has reserved for the Cocktail hour.

Songs like Beggin by Maneskin or Shut up and dance were danced to by many of the people invited to the event. It is worth mentioning that some people were interested in the Yamaha electric violin and cello because of their different shape compared to classical instruments.

CaboStrings playing at cocktail hour in Acre Resort
Wedding musicians in Acre Resort

As soon as the day was fading away, the music of the CaboStrings string duet was getting warm up until the end with the song One Dance by Drake.

In this video blog CaboStrings Pro we tell you in great detail our personal experience and all the ins and outs of this special wedding.  You can watch it at the following link:

We are very excited to be able to share all of our experiences with you in these blogs. As wedding musicians in Los Cabos, we feel it is our duty to ensure that your wedding is a true success. 

We hope that our anecdotes and written documentation will be of great help to you for the celebration of your big day. The music of a violin and a cello can give your wedding an unforgettable, unbeatable setting. You can contact the violinist Elena Rollán for more information through the contact section of this website.