Hello, how are you? We are amazed with every love story we witness as Cabo wedding musicians. This week we bring you more anecdotes about another of the weddings that have stayed in our memories.

Taylor and Colton decided to celebrate their big day at the iconic Monalisa Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas on June 18, 2022. 

Sunset Monalisa is a well-known restaurant in Los Cabos. Located on the bluff overlooking the bay, the restaurant arguably showcases the best postcard of the Cabo San Lucas arch, and presents a world-class dining experience.

Newlyweds with bridesmaids and groomsmen
CaboStrings at Monalisa Restaurant
Sunset Monalisa Restaurant

Monalisa restaurant decoration for a wedding

The couple chose CaboStrings music to liven up the ceremony, the cocktail and the first dance at the reception, resulting in a magical moment for all attendees.

An altar decorated with white flowers in the upper left corner was meticulously studied so as not to overload the space and thus not to take away from the beauty of the ocean. Sometimes, “less is more”, and when you decide to get married in a destination like Los Cabos, the beautiful landscape is undoubtedly an indispensable part of the decor.

Altair decoration
Views from the restaurant Monalisa

Ceremony at Monalisa Los Cabos

As Cabo wedding musicians we were surprised that most of the guests started arriving at the restaurant in private vans, and kept waiting in an enclosed air-conditioned room, hurrying as much as possible before sitting in their chairs. 

It was intensely hot. In the blink of an eye, all the guests en masse came out, and took their seats outside. In one corner, we were playing the last chords of Beyoncé’s Halo song. Finishing the melody and with perfect timing, the ceremony began. Here you can listen to the full version:

Can’t Stop Falling in Love was the song chosen for the Bridal Party. We highlight the version selected by the bride and groom of the extraordinary singer Haley Reinhart. Elena Rollán, violinist of CaboStrings, played the main melody brilliantly in the key of C Major (unlike Elvis Presley’s version which is in D Major). 

For the bride, Roberto Miranda, cellist and wedding musician, performed on his cello the chords of the song How Long Will I love you by Ellie Goulding. A song that we highly recommend to all those brides who are still undecided for this entry.

Wedding Ceremony

Little by little, the sunset was gaining prominence as we listened to the bride and groom’s “Yes I Do”. And it is precisely at this moment, when the Mona Lisa restaurant shines the most. When the sun decides to hide behind the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas. The Recessional song Kiss Me by Six Pence None The Richter was the end of a short and very emotional ceremony.

Wedding cocktail in Cabo San Lucas

Next to the ceremony, the cocktail party was held. A great success on the part of Nicole, Wedding Planner of the company “Look at Me Brides”, since CaboStrings wedding musicians we were able to use the same sound equipment for this part of the wedding. 

We always try to make the cocktail hour very special and contrasting for all the guests, as we told you in the previous article about setting the atmosphere for any moment of a wedding.

The cocktail should have its own identity. One of the most important differences is the songs we choose. They are more upbeat and modern. In addition, Roberto plays his cello standing up, which makes many people get into the rhythm of the music. 

The audience took the opportunity to take pictures and take some videos of the songs we played: Beggin by Maneskin, Love Again by Dua Lipa or What Lovers Do by Maroon V as you can see in the following video:

Roberto Miranda performing at a wedding in Los Cabos
Elena Román playing the violin at a wedding cocktail
CaboStrings at a wedding in Cabo San Lucas

Reception and Party

An elegant hall with elaborately decorated tables, was waiting to host all the wedding attendees, in what would be the reception and after party with Dj. There inside, in front of his mixing table, the DJ Emanuel Ibarra was waiting for his moment. He was going to be in charge of announcing the couple’s dance, and we, CaboStrings, the ones who were going to interpret the emotional song You are the Reason by Calum Scott in the first dance.

The indoor halls have a special magic for the dances in all the weddings we have played. It seems as if we were in a Viennese ballroom, where the silence of all the guests takes center stage as the chords of the song begin to play. What a moment, gentlemen! 

Imagine a hundred excited people listening in deep silence to the warm sound of a cello accompanied by the swaying and tender movement of the couple. The magic of that moment lasted the whole time of the song. There was no more dancing. It seemed that someone or something wanted that memory to remain in our retina forever.

Without a doubt, Taylor and Colton’s wedding has become part of our memories as Cabo wedding musicians. If you would like any help or have any questions regarding CaboStrings’ music, please feel free to contact us through our website in the contact section or directly to our email info@cabostrings.com. Elena will be glad to help you. 

Vlog of a wedding at Sunset Monalisa Restaurant