Hello! We have been impressed by the reception of the articles we have been sharing with all of you. From those where we tell our experiences as Cabo wedding musicians, to the one where we talked about the music genres for your special day. 

Many of you have asked for more advice on selecting the best music style for every moment of your wedding. We, CaboStrings, got down to work to share a new article with several tips for the big day. 

In this post you will find all the information you need to choose the music to make your wedding day more special. If you want to learn more, continue reading.

Music for every moment of a wedding

At a wedding in Cabo San Lucas, there are four principal moments: the ceremony, the cocktail, the dinner, and the party. However, some weddings can have an extra fifth part which is the after-party or “hora loca” as mentioned in the post about music genres for a Cabo wedding

1.- Wedding Ceremony

In Cabo the ceremonies are divided into two parts: the pre-ceremony and the ceremony. Hereafter, we will explain what they consist of and which the ideal music is for each of these parts. 

1.1.- Pre-Ceremony

The pre-ceremony is the first time the guests meet for the wedding. They arrive at the venue to discover for the first time the place and the amazing decoration. 

Some guests choose to take a seat, and others wait standing amidst greetings and conversations while everyone arrives. In locations like Los Cabos, spots under the shade have an important role in a wedding, and it is common to see how guests take those seats first. Usually, they are offered refreshing beverages while they wait for the ceremony to begin. 

Each moment of the wedding is full of magic and is important; therefore, each one needs its proper ambient music. For the pre-ceremony, we recommend the music to be calm without losing that romantic touch. The correct selection helps perfectly to start creating the ideal atmosphere for the ceremony. 

Some wedding songs that we perform in CaboStrings with our violin and cello to liven up the pre-ceremony are Shallow by Lady Gaga or Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Cabo wedding musicians performing in a wedding pre-ceremony

1.2.- Ceremony

The ceremony is a significant moment in a wedding. The music must always be charged with emotion and sensibility. Most weddings in Cabo tend to have civil or symbolic ceremonies that last approximately 15 minutes. On the other hand, a catholic or a religious ceremony is longer, and it lasts between 45 to 50 minutes.

The songs that are performed for the most relevant moments of the ceremony are usually four. The first one is for the groom and parents’ entrance. This song is chosen by the groom and, on many occasions, it is cheerful. Nevertheless, this choice is very personal, and it depends on the couple’s personality. 

The second song is for the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s entrance. If there are a lot of couples, more than one song is played, but it is recommended to perform only one. For this part, we opt for a romantic, emotional, and soft song. All of Me by John Legend or Halo by Beyoncé can make a difference in this part. 

CaboStrings cover of Halo by Beyónce

The third song, perhaps the most emotional, is for the bride’s entrance. The music for this moment must be special because all eyes will be focused on her. Besides being exciting and expressive, the melody performed by the cello and violin will last in the couple and guests’ memory. 

The bride’s song transports the couple to the moment they met, to unique memories that they have together, and the unforgettable experiences that are remembered by hearing the melody. Due to the importance of this moment, the couple carefully chooses the song for the bride’s entrance. Some classical or romantic songs that never fail are Canon in D by Pachebel or Beyond by Leon Bridges.

The fourth and last song is for the exit of the newlyweds. We recommend this song to be cheerful or fun to start preparing the environment for the next part of the wedding: the cocktail. Songs such as Can’´t stop this feeling by Justin Timberlake or Viva la Vida by Coldplay can be great options for this moment. 

2.- Cocktail

The cocktail in a Cabo wedding is a fantastic moment for the guests to socialize with everyone. Moreover, they can congratulate the newlyweds and work up an appetite with some appetizers and drinks. The cocktail is the transition between the romantic nature of the ceremony and the festive environment of the party

Weddings in Cabo San Lucas usually take place mid-afternoon, so the hosts and guests enjoy the sunset during the cocktail. The sunset lighting in Los Cabos with the horizon at the Pacific Ocean is spectacular, and it is a unique moment for the newlyweds to take the best photographs. It is worth mentioning that many couples opt to take their pictures before the ceremony to enjoy the cocktail with their loved ones.  

The music will be modern and cheerful at this moment. The best pop songs fit perfectly with the guests’ mood. The weekly CaboStrings playlist modifications, based on the international hit lists, are the key to our performance. 

We suggest that the Cabo wedding musicians freely choose the songs for the cocktail, so they get to see the guests’ reactions to them. This process can help the musician to evaluate the guests’ mood and make a better selection for the dinner and party music.

Violin and cello duet playing and a Cabo wedding cocktail

3.- Dinner/Reception 

The reception or dinner re-romanticizes and calms the intensity of the celebration. Depending on the number of wedding guests, a dinner can last an hour and a half or two. Nevertheless, factors such as the wedding ball duration, the number of dishes, speeches, and the cake part can extend this moment. 

The main dances are the protagonist of the unforgettable moments of a wedding. They invade the dance floor with emotion before the exciting gaze of the guests. According to our experience with this type of Cabo wedding balls, there are two ways to perform them: 

1) The newlyweds make their entrance to the venue for the main ball, and at the same time, all the guests are settled in their seats. Most couples choose romantic songs to dance in each other’s arms, but others select upbeat music to perform a choreography. After that, their parents and closer friends give speeches while everyone enjoys dinner. 

2) The second way consists of starting the ball after the dinner and the speeches. The newlyweds start with their dance, followed by a song danced by the bride and her father. Finally, the last song is danced by the groom and his mother. In this part, we perform special songs for the couple carefully selected by themselves.

Newlyweds dancing at the rhythm of Cabo wedding musicians

For the rest of the dinner, the songs are softer and quieter than in the cocktail. In this way, people can enjoy dinner and socialize with the rest of the guests. The music volume tends to be lower, and the playlist is free as long as the musical sequence is preserved. 

Avoiding mixing different music styles will help to make the dinner a success. Additionally, it is important that the music beat starts rising for the last minutes of the dinner to create a transition from the dinner to the party.

4.- The Party

Once the newlyweds open the dance floor, the party begins. Cabo weddings are usually short, and parties do not last more than three hours. 

It is crucial that in the beginning dance music is played to cheer everyone gathered on the dance floor. 

CaboStrings and DJ are, with no doubt, a surprise that can make a difference when the party begins. In the music repertoire for the party, electronic songs prevail, and the energy of the performance cheers up the guests and invites them to the dance floor. 

The DJ’s role that is hired to accompany the violin and cello duet in this part of the wedding needs to be the first level. It is essential to contact the CaboStrings musicians for any recommendations of this type.

Cabo wedding party

5.- The after-party/Hora Loca

As we mentioned in the intro, some weddings in Cabo have an after-party. Most of the younger guests will always want to continue the celebration of the big event. The DJ’s intuition to interpret each moment is crucial, and the music selection has to meet the mood of the people that continues at the party. 

Now that you know how to set the atmosphere for any moment of your special day, we would love to know your opinions on this post. We are sure that your wedding will be a success as long as you have the aid of the best Cabo wedding musicians.