Ana & Soroush got married on Sunday, November 13th at the Paradisus Los Cabos Hotel. This nice couple gave 170 guests a unique and very exclusive Persian celebration.

They decided that the music during the ceremony and cocktail hour would be provided by the string duet CaboStrings.

Location of the Paradisus Hotel

Paradisus Los Cabos is a hotel located on the Transpeninsular Highway next to the Hilton Hotel, halfway between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. This hotel has unique spaces reserved and built for events and weddings. 

Although it may seem obvious, as wedding musicians in Cabo we have released that not all resorts in Los Cabos have optimal venues for weddings. Sometimes, for example, we have found that there are hotels that offer wedding venues that are not sufficiently equipped. 

Many of the older resorts in Cabo do not have, for example, enough power sources to connect our sound equipment. That’s why we always rely on 50-foot extensions to provide for these situations. Others do not have an exclusive space for everyone present at the wedding. It seems that the hotel guests become passive guests of the wedding. 

However, the Paradisus Los Cabos Hotel, being a relatively new construction (it is less than 10 years old) has everything you need to celebrate events in fantastic conditions for everyone present at the wedding. It feels new, clean, and pleasant in every corner of this place.

Wedding preparations at Paradisus by Melia

As soon as we arrived at the Paradisus by Melia Hotel, we were able to meet the young Persian couple. They were doing their photo shoot at the entrance of the hotel while we were entering the hotel through the front door to go to the place where the ceremony was going to be held (we always get used to arriving well in advance to the events). 

We were very surprised that Ana and Soroush recognized us immediately and greeted us while posing for their pictures. 

Ana and Soroush greeting CaboStrings’ team

The ceremony was held in “Gabi Sky Bar”, a rectangular and semi-roofed place ideal to protect all attendees from the sun or rain depending on the season of the year in which the wedding takes place. A great option to ensure that your big day will be a success.

Guests started arriving 30 minutes before the ceremony started. Fantastic organization once again by the wedding planner Carolina Puentes from the Karla Kasillas team who managed the arrival times in a masterful way. Theirs was also the style of the transparent altar decorated with white flowers in specific places of the altar.

View to the see from the altar
Wedding decoration in Paradisus Hotel

Wedding at the Paradisus Hotel

The ceremony began with the song Can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presley for the groom and the entire “Bridal Party“. 

It is remarkable that the vast majority of Persian weddings in Cabo show a sublime elegance in the attire of all those present. A total of eleven couples were cheered by all the guests as they made their way down the aisle. 

The song was played repeatedly due to the large size of the venue and the amount of bridal party that participated during this moment. It was, without a doubt, a resounding success.

CaboStrings playing at wedding ceremony

It was the bride’s turn with the classic song Canon in D. This classic CaboStrings piece of music was played acoustically, only with Elena Rollán’s violin and Roberto Miranda’s cello without a backing track. This way you can better appreciate the masterful chords in their entirety of this beautiful masterpiece. 

Excitement filled all the guests while the bride walked slowly towards the altar. It was surely one of the most beautiful moments of the entire wedding at Paradisus Los Cabos.

The ceremony lasted about forty-five minutes, a little longer than what we, as wedding musicians in Cabo, are used to in the weddings we usually play. However, a Persian wedding in Los Cabos always has a very passionate festive character. The guests were very present during the ceremony cheering Ana & Soroush at all times.

The Persian song Mobarak Bara ended the ceremony and the triumphant bride and groom walked down the aisle chanted with shouts of happiness by the attendees of this beautiful celebration.

Cocktail Hour with CaboStrings

The cocktail hour was held in the “Ocean Terrace” area. A place overlooking the sea where you can enjoy unique sunsets. The bride and groom and many of the guests stayed to take pictures at the altar after the ceremony and only a few were able to enjoy the first part of the CaboStrings show during the cocktail hour. 

Songs like Shut up and Dance by Walk the Moon or One Dance by Drake entertained everyone’s ears.

It is worth mentioning the inclusion (by request of the bride and groom) of Latin songs such as Provenza by Karol G. We love to play songs of this style during the cocktail hour. Sometimes we forget that many of the couples who come to Cabo to get married want to get into the local culture. They want to breathe the Mexican atmosphere and listen to music different from what they usually listen to in their home country. A great choice without a doubt.  

Roberto Miranda cellist of CaboStrings

Ana and Soroush arrived at the second part of the cocktail dancing and enjoying the songs of CaboStrings. They took advantage of the excellent light that the sun gave them in their last minutes to take pictures with their guests and enjoyed the delicious appetizers that the Paradisus Los Cabos hotel had reserved for them. Maroon V’s Girls like you ended this fantastic day as the reception DJ mixed the song with Kygo’s Higher love.

We love sharing our adventures with you. We hope we can help you plan your wedding better from our experiences in events like the ones we have described here.

Do not hesitate to contact CaboStrings in the contact section of this page, in case you want the best music at Los Cabos weddings for your event. Elena Rollan, the best violinist in Cabo, will help you with all your doubts with the utmost professionalism while Roberto Miranda, cellist, will advise you on the best songs for your big day according to your musical tastes. See you next time!