Hello! How are you? We are thrilled to bring you another one of our anecdotes as wedding musicians in Cabo. Today we bring you the story of Madison and Nima, do you want to know it? 

Madison and Nima got married one beautiful summer afternoon on June 24, 2022 at Esperanza Resort Hotel Los Cabos and chose CaboStrings music to liven up their wedding ceremony and cocktail party.

Arrival at Esperanza Resort Hotel

When we arrived at Esperanza Resort Hotel with our instruments, as soon as we walked in, it felt like a wedding. The feeling was everywhere in the hotel. 

Service providers carrying flowers and decorative elements for the dinner, hotel workers going up and down structures on ramps, videographers setting up their cameras for the big moment and, obviously, we could not miss the violin duo in Cabo San Lucas… All focused on doing an excellent job for a dream wedding.

Some of Esperanza Resort Hotel‘s guests stared in disbelief at all the movement and were expectant for the wedding celebration, almost as if they were just another guest.

Wedding Reception
Cabo Beach from Esperanza Resort Hotel
Wedding in Cabo San Lucas

Newlyweds photos in Cabo

As soon as we arrived at the place where Madison and Nina were going to get married, we understood the whole situation. The bride and groom decided to have their photos taken before the ceremony began, so they could enjoy the cocktail hour with their loved ones (and of course, enjoy the music with the CaboStrings). 

The fantastic team of Hart Cinema, was photographing the couple in different parts of the hotel, such as the altar of the event or the stairs leading to the hotel lobby. There we also infiltrated to take some pictures for this blog.

Kiss between Madison and Nima
Couple photos before the wedding ceremony

Sound test

As usual in the sound tests we do before the ceremony begins, Roberto did the legendary “Mic Check” to the rhythm of Elvis Presley himself with dancing included.

This time, we don’t know if it was because of the diffusion of a video of another wedding, or because of our eagerness and laborious work that we constantly do on social networks, a guest of the event was waiting anxiously for that moment with her phone ready to record. 

We never imagined that this funny dance that came up several years ago as a result of our illusion before the events, would go viral among the people who hired us. This moment surprised us a lot!

Roberto Miranda in sound test

Wedding decoration in Esperanza Resort Hotel 

The place where the ceremony was held was in Cocina del Mar. A magical place with unparalleled sea views. We had never played in this place, and we discovered a fantastic space to celebrate your big day. We had already played several ceremonies in the Pool Deck and on the beach, just in our article about a day to remember at Esperanza Resort Hotel you can see the difference.

Wedding decoration in Esperanza Resort Hotel

According to the Wedding Planner of this event, the price of hiring this place depends on the time you want to celebrate your ceremony. She told us that it is not the same to celebrate it early, when the restaurant is closed, as it is to celebrate it with diners having dinner. *For more information, we suggest you contact the Esperanza Resort Hotel Los Cabos.  

The altar of the ceremony was full of harmony and color. The decoration was once again spectacular by Main Event in a Boho style. There were bougainvilleas, lisianthus, hydrangeas, garden roses and carnations. The same decoration was used in certain points of the aisle towards the altar adorned with rose petals and candles.The sound equipment that CaboStrings installed for this ceremony were two white Mauis. One was installed in the aisle near the altar and the other one higher up, where we played.

Wedding altar decoration
Altar in Esperanza Resort Hotel

Wedding ceremony of Nima and Madison

This new place is part of the delicious Cocina del Mar restaurant. The location is privileged, however, it is somewhat cramped and the guests’ chairs embrace practically the entire space. 

On this occasion there were only 40 guests at the wedding, and the two islands comprising this location were not too crowded. A larger number would have been a “toothache” for the videography team as they would not have had enough angles to take their videos and photos. 

Minerva and Carolina wedding planners
Wedding Ceremony of Nima and Madison

Wedding songs of Nima and Madison

Madison and Nina chose the song All lof me by John Legend for the groom and the Bridal Party, while Thousand Years by Christina Perry was the melody that accompanied the bride to the altar. Here you can see how this pre-ceremony sounds with CaboStrings

The bride and groom requested that during the kiss (before the official presentation of the minister), the song Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer be played. It was a very wise decision since the exit of the Recessional as newlyweds, coincided exactly with the popular refrain of the song

As a reminder, we have played this song at the last three weddings this week. We awarded it the CaboStrings award for the best song of June 2022.

CaboStrings performing Halo
Elena Rollán violinist of CaboStrings
End of wedding ceremony with the music of CaboStrings

Cocktail after the ceremony

Cocktail hour arrived and all the guests moved to “Fuego Terrace”. For us, performing the songs from the beginning in the company of the recently married couple felt different. There was no shortage of songs like Shut up and Dance by Walk the Moon or Lean on by Major Lazer

 The bride and groom enjoyed the music of CaboStrings from the beginning of this celebration together with their loved ones. Isn’t it wonderful? During this hour, we were able to find time between songs to congratulate Madison and Nina, who were dancing to our music. We gave them a big hug and wished them a future full of illusion and happiness.

CaboStrings performing in the Cocktail hour

Remember, if you want to have the best atmosphere but, above all, the best musicians for weddings in Los Cabos you can contact us through our form or send us an email to info@cabostrings.com and, with pleasure, Elena Rollán violinist of CaboStrings will help you.