Heather & Nick were married on January 6, 2023 at the fantastic Flora Farms in San Jose del Cabo, accompanied by 57 guests and surrounded by a rustic and floral setting unique to this region. 

Flora Farms, besides being a perfect place to celebrate your event, is a very popular destination for tourists and locals looking to enjoy a unique and close to nature experience. Their restaurant is known for offering seasonal food prepared with farm fresh ingredients and we recommend it not only for your wedding celebration but also to visit during your stay in Los Cabos.

CaboStrings begins the year with a very special wedding

With this celebration, CaboStrings kicked off the first wedding of the year. As professional wedding musicians, we are passionate about ceremonies. 

The repertoire we have for this part of the event is very extensive and we prepare the songs with great care and dedication. We are always aware of the great importance of this moment of the wedding and we take care of every detail so that the couple will remember this moment for a lifetime.

However, this day had a different surprise in store for us. The music played by Elena Rollán, the best wedding violinist in Cabo, and Roberto Miranda’s cello was not going to liven up the ceremony, but the cocktail hour and the reception of the event. 

Preparations for the bride’s entrance

Being aware of this, we took care to do the sound check earlier than we are used to, so as not to interfere with the music programmed for the ceremony. The situation was something new for us, since we are used to playing at ceremonies as well. However, this made for one of the most magical moments we have experienced so far:

To experience firsthand the previous moments before the bride’s entrance to the altar in a more up close and personal way. 

Bride’s entrance to the altar

Accustomed to focusing on interpreting the music for the ceremony waiting to create the perfect timing to touch the hearts of all present, this time we had to see the bride from “behind the curtain”, as if it were a famous singer moments before going out to a stadium full of people.

The moments before the bride arrives at the altar are undoubtedly one of the most emotional and special moments of her wedding day. It is a moment full of nervousness, joy and expectation, and every bride lives this experience in a unique and special way. 

For some brides, the minutes before the ceremony begins can be a time to reflect and mentally prepare for what lies ahead. They can take a few minutes to themselves, take a deep breath and focus their thoughts on what this big day means to them. 

First encounter of the couple
Encounter between Nick and Heather
Nick admiring the beauty of Heather

Other brides, on the other hand, may prefer to share this moment with their closest friends or family, surrounding themselves with love and support as they wait to walk down the aisle. 

These previous moments are also an opportunity for Wedding planners to make the final adjustments and preparations, such as arranging the veil or adjusting the bust of the bride’s dress. Besides, they often help brides to calm their nerves, which is normal for brides to feel, as well as a little anxiety or even a little fear of the unknown.

But without a doubt, the most important thing in these moments is the feeling of love and expectation that fills the bride’s heart. It is a unique and special moment, and while there may be some nerves or uncertainty, what prevails is the excitement of being about to marry the one they love.

Photograph session in Flora Farms

Bride’s entrance

Heather carried this moment beautifully. Accompanied by her son’s hand, her face portrayed confidence and energy. Unlike most, Heather was not nervous. She was confident and happy about what was about to happen.

Fadwa (Cabo Celebrations‘ lead wedding planner) nodded to Heather, who took a deep breath before starting her walk down the aisle. Without a doubt, for CaboStrings it was a very emotional and unforgettable experience, which we experienced from another perspective, away from the instruments. An image to remember every time we play a ceremony again.

Wedding planner Fadwa fixing last details

Cocktail hour with CaboStrings

The cocktail party was great. Located in the esplanade of Mango’s Grove, the guests enjoyed the music of the best wedding musicians in Cabo, CaboStrings (this time) with energetic and explosive songs like Beggin by Maneskin or What Lovers do by Maroon 5, while the newlywed couple took the last pictures taking advantage of the wonderful sunset that Flora Farms offered us. 

At 6:00 p.m. the reception began. The music used at CaboStrings for the dinners always contrasts with the songs played at the cocktail party. The rhythm and intensity of the songs we choose for this part of the wedding is calmer, although the interpretative quality is always excellent. It is a good moment for songs that are not so protagonist, like Passionfruit by Drake or Despechá by Rosalía for example.

The speeches, the pork shoulder simmered for 12 hours with roasted vegetables and of course, the music of CaboStrings gave the perfect touch to an exquisite reception.

We are CaboStrings, the trendy violin and cello duet in Los Cabos. With more than 8 years of experience in destination weddings, we are passionate about our work, and we strive to make your big day unique and special. 

Contact us and get a free quote for your wedding through the contact tab on our website. Violinist Elena Rollán will help you customize your event, while Roberto, cellist of CaboStrings, will find the best songs for your special day. Do not hesitate to contact us!