Wedding music at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Los Cabos - Wedding Musicians

A wedding at the Waldorf Astoria is always special for CaboStrings. It seems like this hotel has a soundtrack of its own. The sound of the waves crashing against the luxurious El Farallon restaurant fills this hotel with music.

During the afternoon of January 29, 2022 Alexa and Philip got married and chose the best option to harmonize this important day with the help of our experience as Músicos para bodas en Los Cabos. This way the sound of the CaboStrings violin and cello complete the dreamy ceremony and a hilarious cocktail hour afterwards.


The ceremony was held in the hotel lobby, and was meticulously decorated by the Wedding Planners team of Karla Casillas & Co. A very baroque and exclusive style that reminds us that luxury is always present in each of the weddings they coordinate. 

The use of white and crystal became practically protagonist in all the decorative elements. The clean white path leading to the transparent tie, as well as a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling was proof of this. On the sides, crystal vases held the white flowers that monopolized the space. The cloaks, also white, were in charge of keeping this place closed.

Decoration of a wedding in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel at Cabo San Lucas

Music preparation 

Two hours before the ceremony started, we made sure that the volume of our instruments, as well as the minister’s microphone were perfectly mixed so that our selection of wedding songs had the ideal sound. Roberto’s (CaboStrings’ cellist) peculiar “Mic Check” is already a classic among all the vendors that prepare a wedding.

For a few minutes before the event, we were lucky enough to see our fellow videographers and photographers, Jaime and Paco from Hart Cinema. It was great fun to talk to them and we also loved sharing experiences and learning from their talent with the cameras.

Elena Román and videographers

The ceremony

We know that the bride Alexis was a big fan of Justin Bieber, so we had some wedding songs prepared for the pre-ceremony of the Canadian singer. Hold on, Lonely, 10000 hours, Anyone are some of the songs we performed. However, there was no shortage of more classic songs like Beyond by Leon Bridges or Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

The songs chosen by the couple for the ceremony were the following:

  • Bridal party Processional song: Can’t help falling in Love by Elvis Presley (Hyper youtube link)
  • Brides Entrance Song: All of Me by John Legend (Hyper youtube link)
  • Recessional: Can’t stop this feeling by Justin Timberlake.

During the Bridal Party song a very funny anecdote happened that we will always remember.

A dog dressed as James Bond 007 style with a suit and bow tie riding in a remote-controlled convertible car straight down the aisle. The dog was so well behaved that he stayed in place for the entire ride – unbelievable!

Dog dressed like James Bond 007

After the couple’s “Yes I do”, the official minister of the ceremony proclaimed Alexa and Philip as newlyweds. A standing ovation gave way to the Recessional song Can’t stop this feeling by Justin TImberlake. Without a doubt a great wedding song.

And that’s all folks?, of course not! A hilarious cocktail awaited us all at El Farallón restaurant at Los Cabos. The same place where the dinner was going to be. 

Once the Recessional song was over we hurried to get to the cocktail place before the guests. As always and as usual, when the ceremony and the cocktail are held in different spaces, we set up the necessary sound equipment for each part of the wedding well in advance. This makes the move much easier and once we arrive at the new location we just plug in the instruments and … Let’s play! 

View from the Farallón

Music for a wedding cocktail 

During the cocktail hour we played faster songs like What lovers do by Maroon V or The Business by Dj Tiesto. This gave this part of the celebration a festive and joyful character. Also, a wedding guest was interested in our services as Músicos para bodas en Los Cabos and came to talk to us while we were playing. He was interested in hiring us for L.A. Crazy!

At the end of our presentation we had the opportunity to congratulate the bride and groom in person, give them a warm hug, and wish them the best of luck as a couple. We will always remember you!

Vlog of a wedding at Los Cabos