Wedding at Flora Farms - Wedding Musicians

Diana Burke & David Hines were married on a sunny Thursday, December 1st, 2022, at Flora Farms in San Jose del Cabo.

El music of CaboStrings was the soundtrack that enlivened the ceremony and cocktail of this beautiful wedding full of youth and energy.

Flora Farms is an ideal venue to celebrate your wedding in Cabo away from the crowded hotels and beaches. This amazing venue located a few miles from downtown San Jose del Cabo has everything you need to create magical and unique moments on your wedding day. 

Locations for a wedding in Flora Farms

Each space of this place (ceremony, cocktail, dinner, and party) is different from each other, and is designed with great care and attention to detail. And best of all is that between one location and another only a few meters separate them, something very convenient for the movement of all guests invited to the event.

As soon as you enter the door you can breathe a special aroma. A rustic aroma, full of vegetation and air that feeds the whole soul. 

Wedding decoration in Flora Farms

Sometimes we think that rural or wild is related to disorder or little human intervention in the environment. And it is then when we highlight that Flora Farms is a place meticulously cared for its aesthetics where the environment is preserved and respected 100%. 

A delightful place ideal for nature lovers, perfectly designed and programmed for the celebration of events.

Altar decoration

Getting married at the beach?

And that’s when the following question arises: If we traveled to Los Cabos to celebrate our wedding, wouldn’t it be better to get married on the beach? The answer is yes and no. Here, with the example of this wedding, we explain the reasons why:

Diana & David arrived in Cabo on November 26, almost five days before their big day. Even though their 102 wedding guests arrived a few days later, each of them was able to enjoy the advantages that a destination like Los Cabos has to offer. 

They stayed at the Marriott Hotel located in San Jose del Cabo, a hotel that offers a prime beachfront location just meters from the main lobby. This made it possible for all the guests to enjoy the weather, the sea, the sun and all the amenities offered by the hotel. 

As well as the “Welcome party” and “Rehearsal dinner” that was held just the day before the wedding. We can assure you that neither the bride and groom, nor any of the guests were left wanting to go to the beach during these days in their free time. 

Having said all this, was it necessary for the couple to get married on the beach? No. In fact, that the wedding was held in a more hilly and rustic setting like Flora Farms contrasted perfectly with the scenery and surroundings that the Marriott hotel had offered them all these days. 

Because the wedding was held at Flora Farms San Jose del Cabo, the guests were able to enjoy both sides of a destination like Los Cabos and have more variety in their experience in this region. This could be the main reason why celebrating your wedding in a beach destination like Los Cabos doesn’t always have to be by the sea.

Music for a wedding on Flora Farms

Shallow was the score chosen by the couple for the “Bridal Party” although it was originally going to be Harry Styles’ song As It Was.

However, Diana, the bride (almost ready to make her exit), heard the first chords of Lady Gaga’s song as part of the pre-ceremony and hurried to tell the Wedding Planner and the bridesmaids to start their way down the aisle with this song.

She must have loved the performance of this song with Roberto Miranda on the cello and Elena Rollan the best violinist in Cabo. An improvised decision that was directed and solved to the thousand wonders by the team of Wedding planners of Bliss Events with Bonnie Chase at the head, who directed the wedding in a sublime way.

Elena Rollán, violinist in Cabo, playing at bride’s entrance

With John Legend’s All lof me there were no improvisations, and it was the bride’s favorite song to celebrate her brilliant walk down the aisle. Here is our version of All of Me as a string duet for a wedding in Los Cabos:

The bride and groom’s “I do” and the minister’s subsequent announcement to the couple as Ms. & Mr. Hines was accompanied by one of the best wedding songs, Viva la Vida by Coldplay.

It was an outing full of joy and energy. The happiness of all the guests could be perceived in every corner of the wedding ceremony at Flora Farms, San Jose del Cabo.

CaboStrings performing at newleyweds’ exit

Time for the toast and cocktails

The best wedding musicians in Los Cabos also played during the cocktail hour. 

Thanks to the proximity of the space between the ceremony and the cocktail hour, CaboStrings’ music was hardly interrupted. The Bosé sound system with its unmatched quality was already waiting with music for everyone’s arrival. 

The fantastic energy of the guests, given their youth and charisma, was the ideal combination for songs like Beggin by Maneskin or What lovers do by Maroon 5.

The sun was fading as the guests moved directly to dinner where the music  band “Kilometro” was anxiously awaiting the arrival of everyone to start. It was a wedding to remember.

We would love for you to experience firsthand all the experiences we have at the weddings we participate in. Los Cabos is the best destination to get married, and CaboStrings music is the best ally for your big day. 

Feel the passion of Elena Rollan as a violinist in Los Cabos and the virtuosity of Roberto Miranda’s cello. Camp out on our blogs and don’t miss the latest news we have in store for you.