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We are excited as wedding musicians in Cabo to present you with content that can be of great use for your big day. Also to create a wedding that even exceeds the dreams of every couple that carefully prepares this celebration. That’s why at CaboStrings we are looking for new ways to make everything perfect on the most special day of your life.

As musicians for weddings in Los Cabos we know that one of the most important parts to achieve this is to get the best playlist that will please the bride and groom, and that can also entertain the guests at the time of the party. 

Therefore, we have created a series of blogs that will be very useful to select the best songs for the different parts of a wedding.

One of the exercises we do daily at CaboStrings is to make a weekly research of all the songs of the moment taking as reference the international charts such as Billboard, Los40 or the 51 Chart of UK

Apps like Spotify or Itunes are also a reference for us, and help us to select all the top songs of the moment.  

From that search we get down to work to decide which song will be part of our repertoire in the future. One of these songs is sure to be part of the soundtrack of your wedding.

So if you are not up to date with the trendy songs, below we are going to talk about the 10 songs for ceremonies in Cabo that are trending and that will surely make you and your guests feel a real emotion during this delicate part of your wedding.

Top 10 trending songs for ceremonies in Cabo

Most people rely on the “all-time” ceremony songs that came out years ago, however, here we are going to be a little more adventurous and propose something different. If you like to be in trend or on the other hand, some of the songs that are currently being listened to have become a reference for your sentimental relationship, then you can take advantage of them to add them to your playlist right now.

Here are the 10 trending songs that you can ask your Músicos para bodas en Los Cabos to play during the pre-ceremony and ceremony, with all its main parts.

1.- Glimpse of us by Joji

One of the most popular songs that are currently being listened to is Glimpse of us by Joji. This melody is perfect to integrate in the ceremony, since the rhythm of the song is slow and its sound is harmonious and romantic. 

The piano accompaniment and the main melody is the only instrumentation of the song. This type of song is ideal for wedding musicians who specialize in stringed instruments, that’s right, like us at CaboStrings! 

For your wedding, the song played with Elena’s violin and Roberto’s cello can work wonders as a duet, alternating the main melody between these two instruments. In addition, the cello can reinforce with long notes the low part of the accompaniment while the violin can sweeten the melody with its sound. Undoubtedly, they will be the perfect combo to enhance the romantic atmosphere of your ceremony. 

Part of the wedding: Preceremony, Entrance of the Bride

Style Rating: Slow and Romantic.

CaboStrings Rating: 8/10

2.- Easy on Me by Adele

Some people think that Adele is a singer whose songs are usually very melancholic and sad, however, if we pay attention to her lyrics, we can realize that they are full of a feeling of love and romantic style that makes all her albums a success. 

Although Adele is a singer who usually has big lapses in which she does not release new music, this year we are in luck, since she has been present in the international charts with her new album “30“. 

For the groom’s entrance it is very common to opt for more upbeat songs like Oh My God from this same album, or Rolling in the Deep. This last one, a little older, is still ideal to liven up the bride and groom’s exit as newlyweds. 

As musicians for weddings in Cabo San Lucas we have experienced that many couples are longtime fans of the British singer, and ask us to arrange their favorite songs. Among the most requested are One and Only and All I Ask. And if you’ve been a fan since her first album, then you probably know one of her favorite ballads that brings a tear or two to our eyes: we’re talking about Make You Feel My Love. 

However, going back to the song that gives the title to this paragraph, Easy On Me is a romantic ballad with a very deep lyrical meaning in the style of the song that has become almost a popular anthem, Someone like you

The chorus will make all your guests’ hair stand on end and will generate very pronounced emotions in your partner. The accompaniment of Easy On Me is very similar to Joji’s Glimpse of Us making the solo instrument or voice shine in its melody to the continuous accompaniment of the piano notes.

Part of the wedding: Preceremony, Entrance of the bride, Bridesmaids

Style: Slow and Romantic.

CaboStrings Rating: 10/10

3.- Love Nwantiti by Ckay

This song written and performed by Nigerian singer Ckay, became a viral phenomenon on the famous TikTok application. Its fresh and tropical rhythm will make your ceremony in Los Cabos unique and different from all the others. 

Its catchy melody is a perfect match for the entrance of the groom or minister, although during the pre-ceremony it is also a fantastic option. In this part of the ceremony, we can allow ourselves a little lighter harmonies to contrast with the romantic melodies of the bridal party and the entrance of the bride

Here is our version of CKay’s Love Nwantiti performed by cellist Roberto Miranda of CaboStrings at Flora Farms in San Jose del Cabo:

Part of the wedding: Preceremony, Entrance of the groom or minister, Recessional

Style: Upbeat and casual.

CaboStrings Rating: 8/10

4.- Can’´t Stop This Feeling by Justin Timberlake

Can’t Stop this Feeling was named the best-selling song of 2016 in the United States and topped most international charts worldwide. It won a Grammy in 2016 and was nominated for an “Oscar” award in addition as the soundtrack for the animated film “Trolls“.  It is possibly the most awarded song of all the songs we present in this list of the 10 best songs for your ceremony in Los Cabos.

This song will be very well received by most wedding guests. Absolutely familiar after appearing in children’s movies, it has a very catchy beat that invites you to jump out of your seats and start dancing. 

The perfect moment to wish a long life to the newly married couple. And to sing the song together to the rhythm of clapping hands celebrating the bride and groom’s departure as newlyweds. 

Here is CaboStrings cellist Roberto Miranda’s version of Can’t stop this feeling during a ceremony at Monalisa Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas:

Wedding part: Recessional

Style: Catchy and frenetic.

CaboStrings Rating: 9/10

5.- Halo by Beyónce

Now that Beyoncé has just released her latest album “Renaissance“, we take the opportunity to consider this fascinating artist and highlight the song Halo for your ceremony. This song stands out for its exorbitant strength and its lyrics describe a sublime love. Its piano accompaniment stands out for an elegant line, and a clapping rhythm combined with strong footsteps. 

This song can represent the reaffirmation of love and the couple’s security in a promising future. The tempo of the song is moderate and we recommend this song for moments such as the pre-ceremony or the recessional (departure of the bride and groom as newlyweds). 

Here you can see CaboStrings’ version of Halo performed live from the Esperanza Resort Los Cabos hotel:

Part of the wedding: Preceremony, Recessional (Exit of the bride and groom as newlyweds).

Style: Moderate and with rhythmic strength.

CaboStrings Rating: 9/10

6.- Beyond by Leon Bridges

It is no coincidence that international reference wedding magazines such as “Wedding wire” or “The Knot” agree that this song is an absolute success for a wedding ceremony. This shy musician composer has possibly two of the most contrasting songs of the moment: River for funerals and Beyond for the most expressive weddings. And isn’t that a huge compliment to any artist, isn’t music about touching the emotions of each of us?

Beyond is a ballad in moderate tempo with memorable lyrics.  It’s one of those songs where you don’t know if the verse or the chorus is prettier. It grabs you from beginning to end and will surely make the most important day of your life more tender.

You can see here the CaboStrings version played by Roberto Miranda’s cello from the Paradero Hotel in Todos Santos.

Part of the wedding: Preceremony, Entrance of the bride.

Style: Moderate and with meaningful lyrics.

CaboStrings Rating: 7/10

7.- All of Me by John Legend

Could All of Me be the most played song at weddings around the world? We are sure that it would occupy a privileged place in the category of pop songs most used for the most sensitive moments of the ceremony. 

Singer John Legend composed this romantic song to model Chrissy Teigen in 2006. The couple married the following year, although it was not until 2013 when this beautiful song became popular. Maybe the song brought this couple closer to the altar, because the beauty and meaning of its lyrics is unrivaled. 

And it is that the piano chords in the introduction of this song have become universal. In addition, John Legend’s voice and main melody in this song is pura and honest. It is perceived as natural and pure. Isn’t it really the meaning of real love at its best?

Part of the wedding: Preceremony, Entrance of the bride.

Style: Andante, true and with a pure and real meaning.

CaboStrings Rating:  10/10

8.- Say You won’t let go by James Arthur

James Arthur, winner of the “The X Factor UK” was the third British artist, who after passing through the successful program, occupied one of the top 10 positions in the Billboard chart “The hot 100” with the song Say you won’t let go.

This song accompanied and sung by himself floods with feelings all over the place. Values such as humility, self-improvement or sacrifice can be felt in the skin listening to this song. 

The guitar accompaniment stands out from other references of the same genre, giving the music a different timbre. The main musical line of the song is very melodic and contrasts with the repeated chords of the guitar. 

It is ideal to perform this main melody with a fretted string instrument such as a violin or cello as they are melodic instruments that can easily move not only the couple but also many of your guests.

Here is a sample of the song Say You won’t let go played by Elena Rollán’s violin and Roberto Miranda’s cello at the Sol de Mayo waterfall in Santiago, a paradisiacal place 60 km away from San José del Cabo that you can visit in your next stay in Los Cabos. 

Part of the wedding: Preceremony, Entrance of the groom, Bridal party.

Style: Singable, sensitive and with a clear and concise message of love.

CaboStrings Rating: 7/10

9.- Shallow by Lady Gaga

Shallow is the star song of the soundtrack of the romantic movie “A Star is Born” starring the singer Lady Gaga (who writes and sings this beautiful song) and the famous Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper who will also participate with his voice as a duet.

In the movie, the song Shallow is sung by the singer and actress in front of the public for the first time, which generates the rise to fame of the protagonist. But, what meaning do we find in it as music for a wedding ceremony in Los Cabos? 

That ability to overcome, the desire to improve every day and try to achieve your dreams is a very special way to see your future marriage. The illusion of both of you to achieve all your desires helps a lot so that the flame of love will never be extinguished.

The duet of the two actors overwhelms the skin and it is very common for your guests to remember scenes from the movie while listening to their beautiful chords at the altar. This song has time for everything: A space for the male voice, another for Lady Gaga and a delightful duet that serves as the song’s chorus. 

Since it’s probably too difficult for you to invite these two top artists to your wedding, we propose something more accessible. A violin and cello duet for Los Cabos weddings that will not disappoint you. 

 If you want to know how this song sounds during your most special day by these two instruments, watch this video of Shallow performed by Elena Rollán’s violin and Roberto Miranda’s cello at Acre Baja, a place we highly recommend to celebrate your wedding in Los Cabos. 

Part of the wedding: Preceremony, Entrance of the bride.w

Style: casual, contains future dreams and illusions.

CaboStrings Rating: 10/10

10.- Viva la vida by Coldplay

Music usually awakens different emotions in each one of us, but Viva la Vida by Coldplay could be an exception. This song is a worldwide hymn to happiness. Do you know anyone who listens to it and doesn’t feel the same way? It exudes optimism, joy and lots of enthusiasm. 

It is ideal to listen to it at the end of the ceremony to celebrate the departure of the bride and groom as newlyweds. The use of it in this part of the ceremony helps the change from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to be more organic. 

The string accompaniment is the same from beginning to end, and awakens liveliness and lightness. The same 4 chords are constantly repeated before the contrast of a voice that could be said to be an ode to freedom.

Part of the wedding: Recessional.

Style: Lively, fresh and optimistic music.

CaboStrings Rating 10/10

Now that you know the 10 songs in trend for your ceremony in Los Cabos, don’t forget that at CaboStrings we have the best repertoire to make your big day even more special, this way you will make your event unforgettable for you and your guests. 

If you have any questions or want to make a quote with us do not forget to send us a message through our contact form or Elena will gladly help you.