The duo is extremely powerful in terms of communication, intensity and sensitivity. The interaction between Elena and Roberto is permanent, it is alive. As the performance develops, there is a continuous and changing dialog between both instruments which suggests an exclusive, unique and innovative idea.

"At CaboStrings we complement each other, we immerse ourselves in the territory of the other, we feel and vibrate together. We enjoy so much playing together as a group that we hope to spread that energy to everyone».

Ave María



Marcha Nupcial

CaboStrings offers a lively, vibrant and energetic music. The violin and the violoncello break with the traditional stereotypes, offering to explore at the same time the purest, most elegant sound and the new avant-garde instrumental possibilities.

"At CaboStrings we arrange each note of the scores we play on a note-by-note basis. That is why we feel fortunate to be able to bring these compositions to the limits of the difficulty and quality we want to offer. We update our repertoire weekly, taking as reference international charts of musical hits such as Billboard list USA and the BBC Chart of the UK. "


The duo formed by Elena and Roberto offers an extensive experience, and it is highly recognized in the region. With more than 80,000 monthly views of their different video clips on social networks, they have a wide social influence in Los Cabos. CaboStrings is certainly a guarantee of success.

"The function of music in an event fulfills a role of greater relevance than we can imagine. It has an intense and uncontrollable communication with others and a moving way in which it affects us emotionally. Our commitment, respect for the music we make, ambition for excellence and closeness to our customers, are a priority from the start. We are responsible for offering live music with the highest interpretive quality for all kinds of exclusive events. "

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