The songs for a wedding are a fundamental and indispensable part to make your big day a success. The importance of its chords or its main melody clearly defines not only the moment of the wedding you are celebrating (ceremony, cocktail dinner or party) but also your mood, your partner’s and all your guests’.

However, the most special moment for the selection of songs that can make you vibrate and move you is undoubtedly during the ceremony

This part of the wedding is reserved for very intimate and sensitive melodies that define in some way the personality of each couple. Whether it is the song for the groom or for the bride it is important that you take your time to decide that song that will be remembered by everyone.

Repertoire of songs for your wedding  

As wedding musicians in Cabo, CaboStrings has the experience and expertise to help you choose the best songs for your wedding

We have a wide repertoire of songs for weddings that are studied to be played exclusively for first-class weddings. In addition, we update the songs weekly taking as a reference the main international lists such as the “Hot 100” of Billboard magazine among others. 

We also do an exhaustive study of the best songs for a Cabo wedding to be sure that these are adequate for your party and analyze digital platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music to confirm our decisions. 

Without a doubt, choosing the songs found within the CaboStrings repertoire is the best option for your big day, and we highly recommend this option. 

Personalized selection of songs for your wedding

However, there are times when the bride and groom prefer a more personalized “soundtrack” for their ceremony

There are songs that remind us of our childhood, songs that remind us of the day we met our future spouse, or songs that remind us of those who are no longer with us. Some of these songs you may not find in our repertoire, yet you may want to hear them on your big day.

How to interpret a special song?

Choosing a personalized song for your ceremony that is not in the CaboStrings repertoire can become a dream come true. We understand how important a wedding is to you. It is a lifelong memory, and we want every wedding in which we play the violin and cello to be unique and exclusive. 

As wedding musicians in Cabo we can say that it is a process that requires a lot of dedication. Below we will tell you a bit about the process we follow to prepare a special song for a wedding. 

First we need to listen several times to the whole song to know its melody, its rhythm and study all the possible details. 

We have to keep in mind which main parts of the song will be played by Elena Rollán, the best violinist in Cabo, and by the cellist, Roberto Miranda.

CaboStrings playing a custom song at a wedding in Cabo

Most of the time we recognized the song immediately. Some of its verses and chorus are familiar to us. Our experience as wedding musicians in Los Cabos is wide and it is very rare that we do not recognize their chords and melodies immediately.

Requirements to perform a special song

In case a special song is required, we try our best to include it during the ceremony, as long as a series of parameters explained below are met:

  • The song meets all requirements in terms of identifying a perfectly recognizable main melodic line.
  • The existence of a backing track of acceptable sound quality.
  • The elaboration of a personalized song for your ceremony in Los Cabos is required to be notified to CaboStrings at least one month before the wedding celebration.

To give you an idea of what a custom song performed by CaboStrings is like, we will leave you the link of one of the weddings in Los Cabos we’ve recently played Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles

Frequent problems with custom songs

On the contrary, sometimes the dream of hearing your favorite song can be a real headache for your guests, and it may not fit the way you think for your wedding.

Many times, we encounter many inconveniences when it comes to translating into a score the music you have chosen for your ceremony and that is not in the main and updated repertoire of CaboStrings.

Below, we explain the different reasons why CaboStrings considers some songs unsuitable for wedding performances:

The song lacks melody. The phrasing has no movement.

On some occasions, the musical phrasing, or the melodic line lacks movement. In other words: the same note is repeated throughout the song. It is music where the rhythm and lyrics of the song take on a special meaning. 

Where can we find this type of song? It usually happens with music styles such as hip hop, rap or in some reggaeton songs. They are pieces of music where the singer repeats or maintains the same note throughout the song. There is no melodic line or phrasing.

Songs not recognizable or not likely to be covered.

There are songs (very common in musical styles such as jazz) that the original singer does not follow a stable rhythm, leaving much of the song to improvisation. 

In other words: each time he performs a song he sings it differently with different melodies and rhythms. Therefore, it is very difficult to establish a standard version of the same song.

The accompanying track does not exist or is of poor quality.

There are times when this instrumental track that accompanies us in every song does not exist, or its quality is far from our quality standards, so we are forced to discard the idea and recommend other options to the client.

Does not meet CaboStrings’ musical criteria 

Sometimes we have encountered songs that do not invite consensus or celebration of a wedding in Cabo

The original song may include excessive use of offensive or disrespectful language to some minority groups in society. It is of great importance to CaboStrings to advocate for the performance of inclusive songs that respect all ethnicities, religions and ways of thinking. 

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