Choosing the songs for a wedding takes a lot of time and planning. While during wedding ceremonies in Los Cabos, the songs should have a special and personal meaning for the couple, there are other situations in which the music takes on a different dimension. 

Although the cocktail party allows us to listen to more daring music than the ceremonies, the dances or even the reception, it is not until the party when the music will be the main protagonist of your wedding.

That is why in the following lines we would love to give you several tips that can be very useful to develop your own playlist for your big day and that the energy does not wane at any time during the party with your wedding DJ.

How do you imagine your party with a DJ? 

Many times, visualizing how you want to enjoy your Cabo San Lucas wedding party with a DJ can help you select the optimal songs. Sharing your thoughts with the DJ that will participate in your wedding has to be a must. 

On most occasions the DJ also controls the lighting and the dance floor presentation, so your imagination will help the DJ too much to make your and your partner’s dreams come true. 

Providing him with relevant information such as number of guests, their approximate age, tastes and musical styles can also be of great help.

However, most professional DJs in Los Cabos always provide a form to delimit that information and make it more precise. 

Different music styles

Don’t be afraid to mix music of different styles as long as they keep the party lively and energetic

As wedding musicians in Cabo we realized that often the guests are of different ages and many of them do not match your musical tastes.

Playing, for example, a Latin song within an electronic theme, can help to avoid monotony and give a breath of fresh air to the mood of your guests and their dancing. Trust in the experience and professionalism of wedding musicians and the DJ to make your party a success. 

Careful with the BPM

A DJ party in Cabo San Lucas has its own timeline, excitement curves and timing. Just as we don’t want slow or ceremonious songs to dance to on the dance floor, we don’t want every song to be over-excited. This will create a very festive atmosphere at first, but will soon become monotonous and boring, that’s what a wedding musician in Cabo must avoid. 

The art of playing with the agitation of each moment belongs to the DJ and we must respect his work. He has previously studied each moment of the party and depending on the moment and the mood of the guests he will manage the appropriate times.

Surprise all your guests with the CaboStrings Duo 

If you really want to surprise your guests at your DJ party, the CaboStrings violin and cello duo will not leave anyone indifferent. And is that the songs have a different nuance when they are interpreted by the violinist in Cabo, Elena Rollan and cellist Roberto Miranda. The musical interventions in the different moments of the party, will give a fresh air to the songs giving them a sublime strength and energy. 

In addition, CaboStrings surprise wedding party with DJ, can be a very good idea to define “the timings” of your big day.  The string duo with DJ can perfectly open the dance floor and be a good way to invite your guests to start dancing after the reception.

Their Aurora instruments illuminated with LED lights will decorate the dance floor while the “sporadic happenings” of this duo are mixed with the songs played by the DJ. An experience to consider if you want to leave everyone with their mouths open.


Don’t underestimate the lighting of your dance floor. The relationship between the songs you choose, and your lighting can make all the difference in your wedding party with DJ in Los Cabos

Make sure that the DJ team has a team of specialized people in charge of directing the lights of your wedding to the rhythm of the songs played at each moment. A good management of these will make the difference in your wedding. 

Fun over your musical tastes

Often, at CaboStrings we receive some song forms that do not invite a festive and lively evening. This is because many times the client prioritizes their musical tastes over the general taste of their guests. 

Remember that during the ceremony you have already been able to choose that song you like so much. The party should be danced to by everyone, from the youngest to the oldest of your guests.

Make sure you have quality audio equipment.

The audio equipment is in charge of transmitting the sound quality of your party to your guests. The better the equipment, the more detailed the songs will be.  Brands such as LD System, Bosé, Evolve… are a guarantee of quality and success for your wedding.

In addition to the sound quality, make sure that the DJ you hire has enough audio equipment for the number of guests at your wedding.

As experts in wedding music in Los Cabos, we hope these tips have helped you to better plan the songs that the DJ will play on your wedding day during the party. Over the next few articles, we will write one analyzing the specific songs that can’t be missed for your big day. 

Feel free to contact through the website in the contact section with Elena Rollán violinist in Cabo San Lucas, who can answer any questions about hiring CaboStrings for your wedding, as well as with Roberto Miranda, cellist in Cabo San Lucas, who can advise you on the best songs for your big day. We will contact you immediately.