At CaboStrings we love to share the unique experiences we have as Cabo wedding musicians. Last week we rocked with the violin and cello at a wedding at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

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Months before their Cabo wedding, Jordan and David were clear about one thing: The song for their first dance had to be Everlong by Foofighters.

The couple met CaboStrings on Instagram, and contacted us to see if their favorite song could be performed by a wedding violin and cello duet on the happiest day of their lives. 

“We can perform the song without any problem” was Roberto’s short and concise email response. Thanks to the fluid messaging conversation we had, we were also able to make several song recommendations for the different parts of the ceremony.

Jordan and David got married on June 17, 2022 at the Esperanza Resort Hotel in Los Cabos and chose one of the best Cabo wedding musicians, CaboStrings music to celebrate their big day. In total, 3 hours of music by the string duo, for four very important parts of their wedding: The ceremony, the cocktail, the dances and the reception.

Exclusivity of Esperanza Hotel in Los Cabos

The Esperanza Resort is one of the most exclusive hotels in Los Cabos. Hollywood movies have been filmed here, and it is common for famous personalities such as actors and NBA players to stay at this hotel.

Decoration for a wedding at the Esperanza Resort
Beach ceremony decoration

As an anecdote, we can tell that when we arrived at the hotel 2 hours before the ceremony started, a security person warned our staff that sunglasses were not allowed to be worn by the vendors. This security measure was quite surprising since the heat and humidity in Los Cabos in June is very high.

Wedding decoration at Hotel Esperanza Resort

The ceremony was located on the beach and as soon as we arrived, we were amazed by the beauty of the landscape.  It seemed that the altar decoration was submerged in that small beach with high tide and big and noisy waves. 

In the arch of the altar there were palms, ferns, Monsteras and white Phalaenopsis orchids, the latter imported from Holland. All complemented with bird of paradise leaves and Areca palm. There was a great tropical inspiration in the decoration. 

Beach wedding at the Esperanza Resort in Los Cabos
Altair flowers
Sea view form the Esperanza Resort

The meticulous work of Wedding Planner Elsa Alvarez from Lola del Campo Events in the ceremony was excellent. It is worth mentioning the great experience and floral knowledge of this company, founder of the well-known brand “Florenta Flower Design“. 

Lola del Campo decorating a wedding
Elena Román from CaboStrings with photographers

Wedding venues at Esperanza Resort Hotel

Whenever we have been hired as wedding musicians for ceremonies at the Esperanza Resort, we had always performed them in a different space called Pool Deck. This luxurious resort in Cabo San Lucas offers two different areas to celebrate your ceremony, always according to your personal tastes, availability and budget. 

After having worked for several years in the two different areas, here is our opinion about each of the two spaces:


1.1.- Pros

  • A central location of the hotel. 
  • Easy access for guests and suppliers.
  • Greater proximity to other areas of the event where the cocktail and dinner are held (such as “Fuego Terrace“, sea kitchen and “Aire Terrace“), which favors the comfort and transfer of guests.

1.2.- Cons

  • Booking this place is more expensive than the beach.
  • Very small place for guests.
  • Proximity to the pool can damage the image of the landscape.
Pool deck
Another perspective of the pool deck from the Esperanza Resort


2.1.- Pros

  • Booking this place is cheaper than the Pool Deck.
  • Maximum immersion on the beach
  • Unparalleled views.

2.2.- Cons

  • The sensation of heat and humidity is very high
  • The force of the wind can sometimes damage part of the decoration. 
  • It is a little farther away from the cocktail and dinner area.
Bride entrance
CaboStrings playing at a ceremony

Songs for weddings at Esperanza Resort Los Cabos

The songs the young couple chose for the beach ceremony were full of love and affection: 

  • Groom & Groomsmen: Island in the Sun, Weezer. A song that matched perfectly with the tropical decor of the altar. 
  • Processional: Perfect, Ed Sheeran. A “Must” for every ceremony that never fails. Youtube hyperlink
  • Bride: Somewhere Only We Know, Kean (Lili Allen). A very emotional and unique song that few brides have heard on their way down the aisle. 
  • Recessional: Kiss Me, Sixpence None The Richer. Song full of energy and positivism.

The cocktail hour was held in the “Fuego Terrace” and was marked by modern pop songs such as Firestone by Kygo or Girls Like You by Maroon V. All guests danced and enjoyed the gastronomic variety offered by the kitchen.

But the big moment of the night was getting closer every day. The “First Dance” that Jordan and David had rehearsed so much at home was finally going to be performed in front of all the guests. 

Aire Terrace“, where the dinner was also going to take place, would be the emblematic place where the acoustic song “Everlong” by Foofighters thrilled us all. What a dance! A pity for us not to have been able to see it in more detail as we were performing the song. 

Hopefully, in a few days we will be able to see some video on social media, of this beautiful couple floating on stage.  Memories by Maroon V was the song chosen for the mother and groom’s dance, while “Your Song” by Elton John would be the song for the father and bride.

A warm final thank you hug and a group photo of CaboStrings and the couple taken by the fantastic photographer Sara Richardson, commemorated a magical Cabo wedding full of passion and happiness.  

Vlog wedding at Esperanza Resort